Interior parasite  

For the AG exhibition ‘Movables’ we were challenged to design a piece of furniture with the theme interaction with the furniture.
For inspiration I looked at different ways of interaction between beings in nature.


You have organisms that live in mutualism, where both species involved benefit from their interactions. You also have commensalism where only one of the two benefits but it doest cause harm to the other. And finally parasitism, where one benefits at cost from the second being.


I compared these ways of interacting with the way furniture interacts with each other. My question was: What does it look like when furniture acts like a parasite in your home?

After you forcefully axed it in, this little cabinet will use an existing piece of furniture as its host. Where you place it is your own choice, but it will not leave without a fight…

This invasive piece is made with wood and plasma cut metal.




| 2021