CURRENT is an installation of 250 meters of power cable. It conducts electricity from source to destination while transforming from carpet to chair to lamp.


“What do I actually see?” CURRENT challenges the imagination by applying familiar material in a disorienting manner. Our associations determine what is normal for us. Cables are associated with technology, something that should be practical, and especially with the chaos under your desk. Cables are meant to be hidden.


By experimenting with the unexpected and the contradictory, we challenge our minds to be open to new insights and find creative solutions to problems.
After working intensively with the cable, I started to see the material more and more as a living organism. A being that is vulnerable yet possesses a remarkably strong will. It demanded careful handling but wasn’t easily tamed. Together with its enormous length, this required me to work with large looms and often enlist a few extra hands to keep the cable under control.


The title CURRENT comes from the English term for the conductor of electricity, the connection between source and destination. At the same time, CURRENT means the present, what is happening now (which may be different from what was or what will be).


| 2023

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